Lets Get Riding

5 Am and I’m ready to start my day giving rides to every kind of person imaginable.  I look like a typical Seattle Chic, jeans jacket, jeans, big earings, neutral makeup, a lotta bracelets, and of course I’m wearing my favorite lipstick of the day. My long black hair is either tied up in a ponytail or let down so naturally. 

Its 5 AM. My car is cold and my huge scarf warms me up until the heat kicks in the car. My IPhone is perfectly placed on my dash-board. I turn on my Uber APP. I am open for business.

This self made manager of my life is looking to picking up business travelers,  techies, Amazonians, Facebookers, Tullyians, Starbucker Roos whoo hoo, Googlers, Microsoft Peeps, hospital workers, city workers, baristas, entrepenuers, CEO’s of startups, Uber employees, fashion models, playboy models, retired athletes, omigawd, musicians, potheads, tourists, drunk people, pissed off people, high as cloud people, flirty people, teenagers, middle school kids, Omas, Opas, dogs, food deliveries, and everyday is an awesome day.

I love Seattle. Let’s Drive.