A pink bikini

Hemp Festival is Seattle’s way of celebrating weed, maryjane, bud, and marijuana. The festival started its celebration of the weed in 1991. The small stoner festival of 500 has grown to become one of Seattles famous summer festivals. Stoners from around the globe come to connect with each other. Share some weed stories, share some joints, share the universe together with love and peace.

I get a ping from a rider and I’m on way to Alaskan Way. I figured that I was going to be picking up a few stoners. Afterall that whole block is packed with festival goers.

I stop my car at the location of the pin and I wait for the rider. The normal wait time is 2 minutes. And if the rider doesn’t show up then it’s polite to call them. So, I call the rider.

“Hi, this is Michelle, are you on your way?” The rider replies ” Yea, but I’m at a different location. Can you come pick me up?” I respond with enthusiasm. I’m loving my day. “Of course, where are you? How can I find you? There are so many people everywhere.” He responds “Oh you will be able to find me. I’m standing next to the only woman wearing a pink bikini and she’s blonde.” I said I was on my way.

I was chuckling to myself. This is going to be something else. I was thinking this dude was totally wasted. Hahaa a chic in a pink bikini…yea….right…I can’t wait to see this.

I’m driving down a hill. And there is a sea of people walking, talking, sitting on the sidewalks, standing in groups and some are on their phones. I’m trying to find this guy at the location he gave me. And oh my god I see her. Shes the only blonde chic wearing a pink bikini. And she is sticking out perfectly from this sea of people. And may I add to this story that there is an overcast. So it’s a grey day.

I couldn’t stop on their side of the street. Since it was illegal. So they had to walk really fast across the street. Cars were honking at her. Guys were calling out to her. She was kinda running to my car. She was barefoot wearing a pink bikin. Her body was covered with painted pot leaves. She had a caramel tan. And she was beautiful. She had no bag,no shoes, and she wasn’t carrying any clothes.

Now I will get to the fun part of this story. And it came straight from her. I don’t expect you the reader to love it like it hate it or think of it as funny. But I do expect you to see the humor of this story. Maybe you will see yourself in her.

I asked her why she doesn’t have any clothes. She told me that her friends took off with her clothes. And she looked everywhere for her friends and she couldn’t find them. The guys who called for the Uber ride were helping her get back safely to her hotel.

I turned around to take a look at the guys in my backseat. They looked so innocent and sweet that I was pretty sure she was safe. Well, I think they were so stoned that they couldn’t hurt a fly. Any guy with long hair, skinny, carrying a back pack, reeking of weed, eyes glassy and red, with a huge smile is harmless. The back pack is a give away. The fairy girl is safe.

I asked her how did this all happen? She told me that she was hanging out with her group of friends for a while. She was mingling with everyone and she walked away from her crowd. She was having such a great time that time didn’t matter at all. But, then she realized that she was gone for too long. When she went back to where her crowd was sitting they were gone. The guys who called for an Uber were part of this whole group. So they are taking her home.

If your like me then your imagining this all happening. Remember this is a hemp festival so I’m sure she was smoking a lot of weed. Giggling, getting high, drinking alcohol, dancing, and getting green pot leaves painted all over her body. Maybe she was eating a gyro, telling a joke, spacing out, and having a hella good time with her hemp festival  friends. While she was barefoot and wearing a pink bikini in La La land maybe Fairyland. Who cares.


Author: Mybuzzworld

Hi everybody. I am an Uber driver in Seattle Wa. I moved to Seattle in 2003. I love it here. And so I want to share my everyday life as a driver. I really want to share everything that everyone is buzzin about in this awesome city. I really want you to enjoy my blog. So buzz me anytime at buzzbuzzworld@gmail.com

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