“Take me to a pot shop”

Saturday night and I am cruising in the district of Magnolia. A posh neighborhood of Seattle. Where wealth, new money and old money meets. I drive in the neighborhood because everyone needs an UBER on Saturday night.

I get a ping and I’m on my way to pick up a guy. I arrive and two guys get in my car. One of the guys is over 6’2 muscular and built like a house. He looks like a football player.

I say hello and I swipe my UBER APP to start the ride. I ask the guys “Where are we headed to tonight?” the big guy says “Freemont, take us to a pot shop.” I can’t help but to giggle alittle bit. Afterall, it’s not common that I get this kind of response. I reply  “Oh wow a pot shop. Those guys know everything about pot. If you have a problem then they will recommend a special kind of weed.” The guys start laughing like what I said was really funny.

The big guy starts talking. He hasn’t been in the USA for 4 years. All this time he was in China. I asked him why he moved to China. He replied “Because I was a Seahawks fooball player. And I got inured. China had better opportunity for me after my career ended.” I responded “Oh wow! Wow oh wow wow.”

I did not know what to say afterwards. I was feeling a bit sad for him because his lifelong dreams ended during summer practice. He was looking out in the distance talking about his life. I’m not going to mention  his name because it’s not the right thing to do. Real life.

Throughout the ride he was flirtatious and funny. There was a party in my car. Laugh out loud! Finally, we arrived at Potstop Recreational Cannabis in Freemont. He waited for his friend to get out of the car and leaned over to me. “It turns me on seeing you control your stick shift. I like you.” All I can say to him is “Why Thank You. Enjoy your night with Mary Jane.” He smiled and got out of my car.

End of trip. Swipe. Next ride!

I never asked for his number or email address or any other means of getting in contact with him. I reflected on my life. Thought about why I drive. Because I have to support myself and my 17 year old daughter. Every ride matters. And getting hit on hard was always going to happen to me. Oh well.. I got this.

This was one of the best stories to write about on my blog. Experiences like this is the reason why I took the encouragement from my riders seriously to start writing.



Author: Mybuzzworld

Hi everybody. I am an Uber driver in Seattle Wa. I moved to Seattle in 2003. I love it here. And so I want to share my everyday life as a driver. I really want to share everything that everyone is buzzin about in this awesome city. I really want you to enjoy my blog. So buzz me anytime at buzzbuzzworld@gmail.com

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