My nightmare

I’m excited. My business is running smoothly and I’ve almost reached my weekly income goal. I get a ride for 2 riders to the airport. Everything is running smoothly. The conversation is awesome.Pop! boom…. oh shit.. my car is not running smoothly anymore. I start to silently panic. In the meantime my rider is joyfully talking about how AirBB is working out in her building. I see the ramp to Highesy 99 in the distance. I have to take it. I’m making a decision. I don’t take the ramp. I interrupt her and tell her the bad news. “I’m so sorry but my car is not safe to drive. I have to cancel the trip.” She’s so nice about it. And in a minute another Uber driver picks her up.

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting in a Firestone guest waiting room. My car needs repairing. BUMMER. Just a tune up. That’s okay. $400 repair.

Set backs suck. Car repairs needed. An Uber drivers nightmare. I’m just happy that I never got on that Highway!



Author: Mybuzzworld

Hi everybody. I am an Uber driver in Seattle Wa. I moved to Seattle in 2003. I love it here. And so I want to share my everyday life as a driver. I really want to share everything that everyone is buzzin about in this awesome city. I really want you to enjoy my blog. So buzz me anytime at

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