Uber driving in a world of techies, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and much much more!!

This is the post excerpt.

  • Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog and my first post. I was encouraged by my friendly riders to start blogging about my everyday experiences as a female Uber driver in fabulous Seattle. They told me that I should share my stories. Everyday is a new beginning. And I never know who I’m driving to work, school, hospital, home, cafe, or a date. Who knows?



A pink bikini

Hemp Festival is Seattle’s way of celebrating weed, maryjane, bud, and marijuana. The festival started its celebration of the weed in 1991. The small stoner festival of 500 has grown to become one of Seattles famous summer festivals. Stoners from around the globe come to connect with each other. Share some weed stories, share some joints, share the universe together with love and peace.

I get a ping from a rider and I’m on way to Alaskan Way. I figured that I was going to be picking up a few stoners. Afterall that whole block is packed with festival goers.

I stop my car at the location of the pin and I wait for the rider. The normal wait time is 2 minutes. And if the rider doesn’t show up then it’s polite to call them. So, I call the rider.

“Hi, this is Michelle, are you on your way?” The rider replies ” Yea, but I’m at a different location. Can you come pick me up?” I respond with enthusiasm. I’m loving my day. “Of course, where are you? How can I find you? There are so many people everywhere.” He responds “Oh you will be able to find me. I’m standing next to the only woman wearing a pink bikini and she’s blonde.” I said I was on my way.

I was chuckling to myself. This is going to be something else. I was thinking this dude was totally wasted. Hahaa a chic in a pink bikini…yea….right…I can’t wait to see this.

I’m driving down a hill. And there is a sea of people walking, talking, sitting on the sidewalks, standing in groups and some are on their phones. I’m trying to find this guy at the location he gave me. And oh my god I see her. Shes the only blonde chic wearing a pink bikini. And she is sticking out perfectly from this sea of people. And may I add to this story that there is an overcast. So it’s a grey day.

I couldn’t stop on their side of the street. Since it was illegal. So they had to walk really fast across the street. Cars were honking at her. Guys were calling out to her. She was kinda running to my car. She was barefoot wearing a pink bikin. Her body was covered with painted pot leaves. She had a caramel tan. And she was beautiful. She had no bag,no shoes, and she wasn’t carrying any clothes.

Now I will get to the fun part of this story. And it came straight from her. I don’t expect you the reader to love it like it hate it or think of it as funny. But I do expect you to see the humor of this story. Maybe you will see yourself in her.

I asked her why she doesn’t have any clothes. She told me that her friends took off with her clothes. And she looked everywhere for her friends and she couldn’t find them. The guys who called for the Uber ride were helping her get back safely to her hotel.

I turned around to take a look at the guys in my backseat. They looked so innocent and sweet that I was pretty sure she was safe. Well, I think they were so stoned that they couldn’t hurt a fly. Any guy with long hair, skinny, carrying a back pack, reeking of weed, eyes glassy and red, with a huge smile is harmless. The back pack is a give away. The fairy girl is safe.

I asked her how did this all happen? She told me that she was hanging out with her group of friends for a while. She was mingling with everyone and she walked away from her crowd. She was having such a great time that time didn’t matter at all. But, then she realized that she was gone for too long. When she went back to where her crowd was sitting they were gone. The guys who called for an Uber were part of this whole group. So they are taking her home.

If your like me then your imagining this all happening. Remember this is a hemp festival so I’m sure she was smoking a lot of weed. Giggling, getting high, drinking alcohol, dancing, and getting green pot leaves painted all over her body. Maybe she was eating a gyro, telling a joke, spacing out, and having a hella good time with her hemp festival  friends. While she was barefoot and wearing a pink bikini in La La land maybe Fairyland. Who cares.

“Take me to a pot shop”

Saturday night and I am cruising in the district of Magnolia. A posh neighborhood of Seattle. Where wealth, new money and old money meets. I drive in the neighborhood because everyone needs an UBER on Saturday night.

I get a ping and I’m on my way to pick up a guy. I arrive and two guys get in my car. One of the guys is over 6’2 muscular and built like a house. He looks like a football player.

I say hello and I swipe my UBER APP to start the ride. I ask the guys “Where are we headed to tonight?” the big guy says “Freemont, take us to a pot shop.” I can’t help but to giggle alittle bit. Afterall, it’s not common that I get this kind of response. I reply  “Oh wow a pot shop. Those guys know everything about pot. If you have a problem then they will recommend a special kind of weed.” The guys start laughing like what I said was really funny.

The big guy starts talking. He hasn’t been in the USA for 4 years. All this time he was in China. I asked him why he moved to China. He replied “Because I was a Seahawks fooball player. And I got inured. China had better opportunity for me after my career ended.” I responded “Oh wow! Wow oh wow wow.”

I did not know what to say afterwards. I was feeling a bit sad for him because his lifelong dreams ended during summer practice. He was looking out in the distance talking about his life. I’m not going to mention  his name because it’s not the right thing to do. Real life.

Throughout the ride he was flirtatious and funny. There was a party in my car. Laugh out loud! Finally, we arrived at Potstop Recreational Cannabis in Freemont. He waited for his friend to get out of the car and leaned over to me. “It turns me on seeing you control your stick shift. I like you.” All I can say to him is “Why Thank You. Enjoy your night with Mary Jane.” He smiled and got out of my car.

End of trip. Swipe. Next ride!

I never asked for his number or email address or any other means of getting in contact with him. I reflected on my life. Thought about why I drive. Because I have to support myself and my 17 year old daughter. Every ride matters. And getting hit on hard was always going to happen to me. Oh well.. I got this.

This was one of the best stories to write about on my blog. Experiences like this is the reason why I took the encouragement from my riders seriously to start writing.


My nightmare

I’m excited. My business is running smoothly and I’ve almost reached my weekly income goal. I get a ride for 2 riders to the airport. Everything is running smoothly. The conversation is awesome.Pop! boom…. oh shit.. my car is not running smoothly anymore. I start to silently panic. In the meantime my rider is joyfully talking about how AirBB is working out in her building. I see the ramp to Highesy 99 in the distance. I have to take it. I’m making a decision. I don’t take the ramp. I interrupt her and tell her the bad news. “I’m so sorry but my car is not safe to drive. I have to cancel the trip.” She’s so nice about it. And in a minute another Uber driver picks her up.

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting in a Firestone guest waiting room. My car needs repairing. BUMMER. Just a tune up. That’s okay. $400 repair.

Set backs suck. Car repairs needed. An Uber drivers nightmare. I’m just happy that I never got on that Highway!


Sandy the 25 year old transexual

It’s saturday night and I happen to be driving in the Northgate neighborhood. My App pings and I accept a ride and arrive early. 3 minutes pass so I text Juan that I’m still here. Then I see him walking towards the car. Its dark and kind drizzly. However, it’s not a mexican macho Juan walking towards my car. It’s a 5’10 voluptuous blonde. She’s wearing accessories, heels, leggings, a beautiful blouse and she carrying a designer purse. It’s a MK handbag. And its packed.

She enters my car huffing and puffing. The aroma of her perfume is awesome! I love her! Oh but she has a deep voice and she’s Juan.  In her heavy sexy latina accent she says.  “Hi sorry I’m late. I’m so thankful you waited for me” I replied feeling humoured. ” No worries it’s all good. So, where are we headed to tonight?” she said happily “I’m going on a date to a restaurant on Capital Hill.” Now, I’m really curious “A date? Oh whose the lucky guy? Where did you meet him?” She replied”On a sugar daddy dating site.”

Well I figured its better to shorten this post by writing what happened next. Juan who goes by the name Sandy is 25 and she is looking for a rich daddy to take care of her. She’s been on a couple of dates from the site before but she hasn’t found Mr Sugar Daddy. And boy oh boy does she walk away with a couple hundred dollars a night. I asked her if she had to do favors. She said no. There are guys who actually pay to go on a dates with transvestite. It’s their thing it’s what turns em on. It’s a fantasy that has to be fulfilled. And these men are usually rich or maybe not. They will pay a couple hundred dollars to be loved and paid attention to by a gay man dressed as a woman.

This conversation was getting interesting. Sandy gave me all the details about Sugar Daddy.com. She explained how it works, and how I can make money just being seen with an old man in public. Lord do I look that desperate? I now it’s a Saturday night in Seattle. And I’m driving people to parties, bars, clubs and watever. But uhh does my loneliness really show?

Sandy keeps on talking about Sugar Daddy.com and how it works for her. Im hoping she doesn’t share all the details. And she does. She spoke excitedly with a heavy sexy latina accent. Or latino sexy feminine accent? Oh watever.. And you know when a feminine gay latino man wearing a blonde wig gets excited. Is like steamy and hot in my car. And the rolling rrr’s. And Sandy’s deep breaths were sexy as frick! Oh no wonder she goes on dates with white gay guys. Oh go tell it to the mountain. Well,  she went there. “Oh and you know those lonely military guys. I when on a date with one. He was so sexy and hot. And eating dinner wasn’t the only entertainment for the night.”

I switched the subject fast. “Oh by the way I really like your makeup. What brand do you use?”

We talked about makeup. And thumbs up for MAC makeup. Even a transvestite knows what makeup brand is the best. We talked about Mall store makeup brands verses grocery store makeup brands. She was happy to know that L’Oreal mascara is just as good as MACs mascara. I was happy to know that MAC is awesome for sensitive skin.  Sandy really knew her stuff. I was impressed. Her nails were jeweled up better than mine. I felt beneath her.  I’m a woman for gods sake! My nails should be prettier than Sandy’s! And Sandy know it!

The drive was reaching Sandy’s destination. She was so happy. She wanted me to park a little ways so that she could walk off her nerves. She politely thanked me. And I wished her a good night.

wheww that went well…giggle giggle..giggle..wow!

End trip swipe. Onward to my next rider.